Friends, Family & Feng Shui

Friends, Family & Feng Shui has been designed to have FUN and learn something new.  We begin with a PARTY!  ( Think about Cabi, Pampered Chef, Book Club... )  The party host/hostess will choose one of four areas to FOCUS upon while sharing the experience with their Friends and Family.  Everyone WINS!  Choices include Entrance of Home, Master Bedroom, Kitchen, or Office. 

What to Expect HOSTING

  • A fun Night with Friends & Family

  • Focus on one of four areas 

  • Custom Solutions & Ideas

  • Host BONUS - See Current Special

What to expect as GUEST

  • A Fun night with Friends & Family

  • Learn how to apply in your own home

  • Opportunity to ask your questions

  • Chance to WIN Sacred Cents

BONUS:  When a guest books their own consultation or Focus Party...GUEST will receive $45.00 in Sacred Cents.

Let's Party!

Created with Love & Intention.
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