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Red Envelope Tradition

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Why do we see and hear about RED ENVELOPES in Feng Shui?

The red envelope is an ancient Chinese custom still used today. For example Chinese New Year, Weddings, anytime money is exchanged. In Eastern culture today you will often find red envelopes with gold designs on them representing the occasion for which they are being used. Here in the Western culture, often times we will use a plain red envelope, which holds the same integrity and typically easier to find.

Most Feng Shui practitioners request payment in a red envelope in honor of this legacy. Protecting the tradition, shows respect for the tradition, the sacred work being conducted, and increases effectiveness of the work being performed. This practice also helps protect the practitioner from being drained or weakened.

To fully honor the tradition, the practitioner will ask their client to to provide 1 or 9 envelopes. If only 1, payment for services will go inside. When asked for 9, payment being one and the other 8 envelopes will all be going to charity. The key with this practice is the intention coming from the client. The client will need to find and provide the envelopes. Try to include an odd number of coins/dollars. Most powerful, when coins add up to 9. Example: Quarter and 2 dimes = 45 cents. 4+5=9 / Quarter and 2 pennies = 27 cents. 2+7=9 / $5.00 bill and 4 - 1$ bills = $9.00 However, EVERYTHING helps when we are talking charity.

Upon receipt of the envelope/s the practitioner will place the envelopes under their pillow and sleep on them for 1 night. The next morning a ceremony is done to seal the client's intentions and support them in any changes/enhancements they are making. Money is then removed and envelopes are burned.

Sharing this information is intended to honor, respect and share the tradition. Upon reading this information, I would ask to honor the tradition, by sending one RED envelope to Sacred Spaces, STRICTLY for CHARITY. Write on the back side of the envelope: #RedEnvelopeCharity ( I will post updates monthly. ) ANY amount would be appreciated and put towards a positive cause.

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